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ISG Research Report

Digital Performance Enablement: How Data Can Help Pinpoint Your Next Big Opportunity

by Jim Hurley

Today’s enterprises have more data, more technology and more automation than ever before. They use highly functional and expansive enterprise applications for sales, marketing, customer services, finance, human resources, operations, logistics and more. With the advances in technology and the growth of data, we should be seeing vast improvements in business outcomes, including productivity, revenue growth and cost optimization – but we are not. In fact, all the money spent on IT sometimes seems to hamper progress as enterprises grapple with how to use data to quickly identify business opportunities and generate profits.

Enter Digital Business, a paradigm that requires enterprises to speed up operations and reduce overhead.

Business is mobile and impatient. Customers expect immediate service and response. Inventory is always moving. Prices fluctuate by the minute. Communication is rapid and transparent. The best decisions rely on data from multiple sources inside and outside the enterprise. Yet most enterprises remain hamstrung by dated organizational structures and supporting IT systems that prop up silos of data and expertise with business workflows that were designed for yesterday’s market realities, not today’s.

This ISG research report, sponsored by r4 Technologies, explores how Digital Performance Enablement (DPE) helps businesses find, understand and profit from the increasingly large and complex volume of data they already have at their fingertips.  

 About the author

Jim provides clients with research-based insight into the future of business IT for strategic and tactical growth and profit with special focuses on areas that are disrupting the uses and value of IT. Jim brings decades of experience running and managing lines of business in different industries. His ongoing research into digital security, compliance and privacy provides solid guidance about this critical component of digital business. Jim’s research into business intelligence, data mining, data science, analytics and machine learning delivers pragmatic guidance for decision-makers about the strategic and operational imperatives of being a data-driven enterprise. His research into Blockchain focuses on distributed ledgers and their business applications for most industries and markets.