ADM Staffing and Skills Challenges Require a Team Effort: Clients and Service Providers Must Share Responsibility

Large companies must maximize the value of their applications environment to compete in today’s business environment. Because application development and maintenance (ADM) is so intricately tied to bottom line results, many organizations seek specialized service providers to ensure best-in-class capabilities.

However, transitioning to an ADM outsourcing contract can be challenging, as it requires the staffing and onboarding of a significant set of new skills under a tight time frame. Critical to the healthy start of an ADM outsourced relationship, successful staffing remains important long after the end of transition. Constructive second- and third-generation ADM outsourcing efforts often depend on timely and effective staffing as well.

This ISG white paper explores the dynamics that can keep clients and service providers from optimizing staffing opportunities in ADM outsourcing contracts, and outlines remediation strategies to ensure an effective transition and healthy long-term relationship.