Agile Multi-Sourcing: A Critical Business Trend — Concepts and Background

Agile multi-sourcing, an innovative discipline that reflects the evolution and maturation of the outsourcing market, takes organizations beyond a “sourcing event” to an ongoing program that enables capability building, increased profitability and competitive advantage. Agile multisourcing consists of an array of flexible sourcing solutions corporations can draw on to help them improve their business performance.

Organizations that use agile multi-sourcing enjoy superior flexibility in their choice of sourcing solutions and demonstrate greater adaptability to changing business circumstances. Moreover, they extend their advantage as they compile comparisons between internal-service organizations and third-party providers — skillfully initiating competition between providers to drive the best prices and service quality.

Outsourcing has become such an integral part of many successful businesses that numerous organizations launch the practice indiscriminately and often get “lost” in the process, because the skills needed to manage external services vary from those needed to handle the same, internally provided services or — even more challenging — some combination of the two. 

This ISG white paper provides a map to help companies successfully navigate the many decisions involved in agile multi-sourcing.