Alsbridge and ISG Redefine the Sourcing Advisory Market

You’ve probably heard by now that Alsbridge has been acquired by ISG and, effective immediately, the two firms will integrate their business operations and go to market as a single entity under the ISG brand.  While some may think it a bit unusual to be joining forces with a longstanding rival, the reality is the move fundamentally redefines the advisory space and is a win for the industry. Specifically, the combination of our respective cultures, capabilities and service offerings creates a synergy that enables us to deliver a significantly higher degree of value to our clients.

As the “new” ISG, our two firms integrate a range of diverse yet complementary service offerings, including two world-class data repositories, the industry’s top minds in sourcing advisory and transformation strategy and the collective experience and insight of a 1,300-person global team.  By expanding the global network and reach of the two firms, we accelerate the deployment of our business-critical services to a larger, combined client base. The result is a set of aggregate service line capabilities unrivaledby any other firm competing in the space.

In terms of specifics, the combination brings together the industry’s two Outsourcing Advisory leaders, enabling scale and a leveraging of complementary capabilities as this offering evolves to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing marketplace. Together, we also are substantially enhancing our digital transformation offerings, resulting in even deeper insight into how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is driving efficiency and productivity gains and addressing critical business issues in industry sectors such as healthcare,  retail, insurance and pharma.  As a joint offering, part of ISG’s existing suite of Digital Advisory Services, our automation services will continue to be ahead of the curve as increasingly advanced cognitive and machine learning capabilities take center stage.

Clients will also benefit from an expanded set of cost optimization services that include broader network and enterprise print services.

For service providers, meanwhile, the combined market insights, services, digital tools and assets of Alsbridge and ISG will be leveraged to enhance productivity in provider engagements, accelerate the maturity of client operations and further advance industry maturity.
Over the years, one core value we’ve shared in common is a fierce commitment to innovation and excellence and to driving our clients’ success.  This mutual passion represents the foundation of our combination.

I look forward to working with our new colleagues and to continuing to progress the industry.

About the author

Chip has nearly 30 years of business experience including 25 years of professional services, IT outsourcing, and business process outsourcing experience. He has worked with 100s of companies in a variety of industries and countries and has been directly involved in over $15B in sourcing transactions.


About the author

Chip Wagner

Chip Wagner

What he does at ISG

A member of ISG’s Executive Committee, Chip is the head of ISG Automation, the firm’s fastest growing and most valuable business. His team connects ISG clients around the world to the latest Intelligent Automation (IA) technologies to streamline operations, greatly reduce costs and enhance their speed of business. With a long track record of building exceptional solutions and value in the technology services industry, Chip is focused not just on improving client’s businesses, but also on achieving real performance transformation.

Past achievements for clients

Chip and his team begin client engagements with a broad strategic point of view, moving through assessment and consultation to the actual development and delivery of client-tailored IA software. His approach and leadership have produced impressive results—from securing and delivering the largest engagement in ISG history to reducing one engineering client’s complex invoicing process from five hours and hundreds of pages
to 11 minutes, paper free.

Prior to his current role, Chip led the ISG Industries team in the Americas, helping clients across sectors build smarter, more efficient and more competitive enterprises. He started his career at ISG in 2016, when Alsbridge was acquired by the firm. During his tenure as CEO at Alsbridge, he presided over a complete operational and performance overhaul, building it into a leading global sourcing competitor and earning its private equity owners an exceptional return on investment.