From Orchestras to Outsourcing

As I travel for work, I see many communities that are positively impacted by the opportunities brought about by outsourcing. I was reminded of that recently when I saw a children’s orchestra perform at an industry event in Mexico.  For me, those kids were a symbol for what is possible when we take an active role in promoting good education and upward social mobility.

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About the author

Through his involvement in hundreds of global outsourcing initiatives, Esteban has developed unique insight and the ability to ask the right questions to set an organization on the correct transformation path. He advises organizations on issues of digital transformation and global service delivery, leveraging his deep understanding of business strategy to help align their initiatives with their vision. Esteban brings international experience to his clients, having lived and worked on four continents, and a passion for the opportunities of globalization and specialization in the industry. He leads ISG’s Energy, Life Sciences and Healthcare practice, as well as the Latin America region and is the author of the blog Informed Outsourcing.