Are APIs the new ITIL?


As-a-service providers speak to customers in the language of APIs, while outsourcing providers speak ITIL. This language barrier creates hurdles for enterprise buyers that are eager to break out of the traditional outsourcing tower model. What’s a buyer to do?

Think about the last time you were in a foreign country and didn’t speak the native language. It’s exhausting and frustrating to not be able to express even the simplest of ideas without resorting to excessive hand-waving or Englishification. Complex thoughts are usually deconstructed into simple caveman-esque noun + verb combinations. While the general intention can be clear, the nuance that accompanies the intention is often lost in translation.

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About the author

Stanton helps enterprise IT and sourcing leaders rationalize and capitalize on emerging technology opportunities in the context of the global sourcing industry. He brings extensive knowledge of today’s cloud and automation ecosystems, as well as other disruptive trends that are helping to shape and disrupt the business computing landscape. Stanton has been with ISG for more over a decade. During his tenure he has helped clients develop, negotiate and implement cloud infrastructure sourcing strategies, evaluate and select software-as-a-service platforms, identify and implement best-in-class service brokerage models, and assess how the emerging cloud master architecture can be leveraged for competitive advantage. Stanton has also guided a number of leading service providers in the development of next-generation cloud strategies. Stanton is a recognized industry expert, and has been quoted in CIOForbes and The Times of London. You can follow Stanton on Twitter: @stantonmjones.