Assembling the Jigsaw: Service Integration and Management in a Multisourced Operating Model

Recent developments in new technologies, standardized services and “as-a-service” delivery models are driving an influx of distinctive services to an operating environment to both increase capability and reduce cost. These services have the ability to address specialized business needs and can be applied more rapidly than traditional service models. However, to sustain these benefits, strong operational and commercial governance processes are essential. Indeed, the benefits achieved through leveraging a service provider’s standard service offerings can be rapidly undone without effective controls in place. 

In multisourced operating models, where services are provided by a myriad of teams or organizations, ensuring seamless delivery presents a challenge. One way to address this challenge is through establishing a discrete Service Integration and Management (SIAM)
function. An effective SIAM function enables organizations to take advantage of the flexibility and innovation of multisourcing and standard services, while delivering integrated services to the business.

This ISG white paper discusses the challenges and key success factors related to service integration and governance functions within multisourced operating models.