Australian Robotic Process Automation 2017

30-31 Mar 2017
Hilton Sydney

Australian Robotic Process Automation Conference 2017

Robotic Process Automation is a two-day event showcasing software products that can automate repetitive and rules-based processes so employees can focus on higher-value tasks and more creative work.

ISG Speaking Agenda

RPA at Scale: How to Move from Prototype to Enterprise Operations

You have planned or are currently executing small-scale RPA prototypes …. Now what? How do you map out a journey to RPA capabilities that deliver business-wide impact? In this session we will:


  • Explore the challenges of moving from an RPA prototype to scaled execution
  • Understand how to deliver RPA capabilities for enterprise-wide impact
  • Examine how to design a roadmap for scaling and operating your RPA capability through Centres of Excellence, with examples from a number of international case studies

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