Better Together: ISG Acquires Saugatuck Technology

At ISG, we are known and respected for our industry-leading data, independent analysis, trusted advice and authoritative industry voice. They are what help us deliver value to our clients and make us stand out from the crowd. Today, we are taking an exciting step to expand on these capabilities and make our voice even louder. By acquiring Saugatuck Technology, a leading analyst firm known for its objective analysis on emerging technology trends, we strengthen our ability to help our clients make better business decisions, create new business value and drive real change.

The change sweeping the $1 trillion global technology and IT services industry, and the $100 billion sourcing segment in particular, is unprecedented and, for even the most seasoned executives, it can be disorienting. Before our very eyes, we see new technologies disrupting whole business models, and even the very reason some companies exist.

In an environment defined by unpredictability, enterprises and service providers increasingly need data-driven research, analytics and objective expertise to help them get their bearings and chart a successful path for the future. The combination of Saugatuck Technology’s rich analyst capabilities and ISG’s leading research and advisory services provides the synergy our clients need to accelerate growth, save time and money and capitalize on new opportunities.

Saugatuck Technology’s deep intellectual capital and respected analytical and forecasting capabilities are a natural fit for ISG as we work with clients to leverage technology for business transformation and growth. We especially welcome the experience Saugatuck Technology will bring to complement our growing expertise in how enterprises can leverage digital capabilities, cloud and automation.

Together, ISG and Saugatuck Technology will offer a combination of data, research, analysis, independent advice, education and informed, fact-based opinion that doesn’t exist anywhere in the marketplace. Our continuing goal is to help our clients stay ahead of the curve, to compete—and win—in a world continuously disrupted by new technologies and changing business models.

ISG and Saugatuck Technology. We are better together. And better able to serve our clients’ needs.

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