Collaborate to Innovate: The Future of Sourcing Begins Now


Advances in technology and consumer demand have had a steady, constant impact on the business world, and successful enterprises have figured out how to adapt accordingly. But today, the evolutionary cycles are radically shorter and tighter – and this accelerated rate of change is putting intense pressure on the traditional ways of doing business.

As the market changes, the way to a healthy partnership is changing along with it. Enterprises and public sector organizations need to act differently. They need to be more agile. They need to embrace technology. They need to capitalize on – perhaps even pivot on – new and advanced capabilities. 

Things are moving so fast, in fact, that the relationship between an enterprise and its service provider – if it’s going to be a healthy one – needs to be built on a collaborative and innovative solution design process that begins building a connection between the two early on. Earlier than before. And faster than before.

Read my recent white paper Collaborate to Innovate: The Future of Sourcing Begins Now that explores how weaving collaboration throughout the solution design and sourcing process can result in a healthy and sustainable relationship that keeps pace with the speed of business.

About the author

Clay Calhoun leads ISG’s Sourcing Advisory service line, a division of Digital Advisory Services, for the Americas and Australia. He brings more than 25 years’ experience in IT consulting, strategy, service delivery, and advisory services. His experience includes leading, managing, and supporting Global 2000 client engagements which consider solutions that maximize the benefits from internally optimized and sourced service delivery operations. With ISG, Clay has advised on more than 50 engagements totaling more than $25B of contract value.

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