Consolidation and Competition: European Telecom Market Trends and Carrier Analysis

The European telecoms landscape is undergoing seismic changes that have a significant impact on the IT and communications strategies of enterprise buyers.

Technology innovation is enabling higher processing and transmission speed and new uses for existing technology, allowing providers to address growing customer demand. But while firms are investing in innovation, shareholders are calling for faster returns. Competitive pressures, meanwhile, are squeezing profits, creating new and disruptive business models and driving industry consolidation as players pursue a variety of mergers and acquisitions.

The regulatory environment is also changing, as the EU pushes to eliminate excessive roaming charges and enact unified telecoms legislation to safeguard the rights of European consumers.

Understanding and effectively responding to these pervasive trends will be a top priority for CIOs in the coming years. This ISG white paper examines some of the key trends defining the European telecoms landscape and discusses implications and options for enterprise buyers.