Consumers Rule Retail


Retailers are in the hot seat. The customer engagement and loyalty strategies they’ve so carefully executed to improve customer acquisition, retention and conversion are quickly becoming obsolete. Today’s consumers expect to engage with retailers in a whole new way – at any time of day, on any device. We expect retailers to know our preferences, know our purchasing habits, and know when and where to reach us. We make our choices based on an ever-changing set of criteria. To survive, retailers must make shopping a seamless, personalized experience. How do they do that? It will require a significant change to yesterday’s product-focused operating model, turning inside-out approaches outside-in so the customer is at the very center of what they do.

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About the author

Mike has 25 years of experience assisting retail and consumer product companies define their customer experience and supply chain strategies. He works with large national and multi-national companies to create digital and analytic strategies and to design, integrate and implement technologies to improve both the external customer experience and internal operational efficiency. Mike also partners with clients to lead target operating model transformation initiatives and the rollout of change management programs to mobilize process and organizational change across their environments.