Consumption Management

In an average IT enterprise, 15 percent of servers aren’t backed up, while 16 percent of Windows assets lack anti-virus protection. “Book-to-floor” gaps — or the difference between contracted and actual assets — average 14 percent and PC baseline estimates are typically 8 percent off.* Even more worrying, many CIOs aren’t aware they have a problem. When it comes to their deployment of enterprise IT assets, they don’t always know what they don’t know.

Consumption Management from ISG Governance Services employs proven IT intelligence tools to validate consumption of resources, verify backups and anti-virus protection and identify redundant and unused assets. By reconciling contracted assets against those actually in the enterprise, Consumption Management ensures billing accuracy and reduces invoicing errors. The result: reduced cost and risk and enhanced operational compliance.


Consumption Management is powered by Blazent, an ISG strategic alliance partner.

*Figures based on Blazent analyses of IT environments of 70 Fortune 500 organizations. 

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