Corporate Social Responsibility: A Global Obligation

Last week TPI announced that we’ve accepted a seat on the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) subcommittee of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). If you’re not yet a member or familiar with the IAOP, it is the global, standard-setting organization and advocate for the outsourcing profession.

The CSR subcommittee is one of the most active bodies within the IAOP, leading discussion among members on how the outsourcing community can identify and address critical social, economic, and environmental issues on a global basis.

According to Jagdish Dalal, IAOP’s managing director of thought leadership, “CSR has become a more important standard for measuring corporate ethics and social consciousness. This is not just an American phenomenon; this standard is being discussed and adopted globally. For example, last December, the largest human resource development conference held in India focused exclusively on this topic, and top company executives presented their views and their companies’ commitments to CSR.”

As a corporate member of IAOP, we’re proud to be in the company of the world’s leading global enterprises, service providers, academic thought leaders and advisory and law firms, all pulling together to make the global outsourcing marketplace a model of excellence for other high-growth industries. We hope you’ll take a minute to read more about the current and ongoing activities of the CSR subcommittee and learn how TPI plans to contribute to the betterment of the outsourcing community through our participation. We also encourage you to complete the IAOP CSR survey to share your thoughts about the role of CSR in outsourcing, a topic that touches each of us now and is steadily growing in importance. Survey findings will be shared at the 2012 IAOP Outsourcing World Summit, February 20-22.

What corporate efforts do you think should be at the top of the corporate agenda to raise the bar on social responsibility in outsourcing? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.