Digital Business Modernization


Executive Summary

For most enterprises, the transformation to Digital Business is an evolution rather than a revolution, but that doesn’t mean sitting back and waiting for change to unfold. There are challenges to overcome but Saugatuck/ISG believes it’s imperative for enterprise IT to conduct a fresh analysis of applications and systems to get the transformation underway now. The status of legacy applications and systems will affect the business’ ability to respond — or not — to rapid Digital Business changes.

Successful transformation also involves integration of existing and new tool and services providers. This type of wide-ranging modernization goes far beyond previous eras when mainframe applications, mostly written in COBOL code, had to run on Windows/Intel-based servers. Today’s Web-based services require a thorough portfolio analysis that sets the foundation for an enterprise to address Digital Business and infrastructure requirements into the future.

It’s not an overnight transition by any means; the demands of Digital Business pose tremendous challenges—particularly when it comes to existing technology infrastructures. Yet IT executives know that opportunity exists in shifting from routine upkeep to core modernization that will set the stage for more disruptive, Digital Business technologies.

The promises of Digital Business are many: Improved communications, faster delivery of products and services, higher productivity, lower costs and competitive advantage. The trick is to get from here – where your legacy, apps, tools and services are today — to there. Modernization is the most common path; it’s not sexy or quick, but we believe it’s often the most practical and successful way to digitize and update aging infrastructures and to keep the business relevant in new markets.

This report will help businesses assess their modernization approach, consider viable alternatives, and examine tools and service providers that may ease the transformation. We also explain how application modernization fits into Digital Business transformation, the market opportunity and drivers, and the various modernization approaches and risks. We examine key technology and service providers that enterprises can engage, reviewing their offerings and positioning.

Speed is critical: The sooner you begin, the sooner the promises will be realized.

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