Ferguson Enterprises Builds a Case for Better Human Capital Management

The pace of change is accelerating. With a shifting workforce, mergers and acquisitions at all-time highs, and continued growth into new geographies, today’s businesses require agility and speed. For HR leaders, trying to stay ahead of organizational change with outdated and poorly integrated systems is like trying to ride your bicycle to the moon—you can work up a sweat, but you aren’t going to get there. This is why the demand for modern, integrated human capital management (HCM) technology continues to grow. Even though interest is high, many organizations struggle to find ways to demonstrate the value of such technology in dollars and cents.

As the largest distributor of commercial and residential plumbing supplies in the U.S., Ferguson Enterprises has more than 23,000 employees in 1,400 locations. This means it must maintain complex external customer-facing operations and equally complex internal employee-facing operations. For the past 15 years, it has been using an on-premises Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and, over that time, has experienced an increasing need for resource support to customize the system for its specific business requirements.

When it faced the decision to upgrade its existing PeopleSoft HRIS or to invest in a new Human Capital Management (HCM) Software-as-a-Service suite, Ferguson asked ISG to help it evaluate its long-term HCM technology strategy. The company wanted to improve costs, enhance functionality and efficiency of HR services and reduce the frequency of required customizations and upgrades. After the initial evaluation and business case development, it became clear that migrating to a new HCM SaaS solution was in Ferguson’s best interest.

Throughout the HCM technology evaluation process, ISG partnered with Ferguson to identify areas in which implementing new HCM SaaS technology would lead to cost efficiencies and business process improvements. There were many.

Join us at 1pm ET on June 23 as we discuss with Polly Foote, Senior Manager of HR Analytics and Operations at Ferguson, how her company and ISG worked together to develop a convincing business case for moving to a new HCM SaaS environment. Register here: How to Build a Business Case for HCM SaaS.

About the author

Garrett helps organizations across industries assess their IT sourcing models, develop a business case fo change, evaluate and select HCM software and negotiate contracts. Garrett provides expertise in detailed financial and pricing analysis, human resources, benchmarking and complex contract negotiations to assist his clients evaluate and execute alternatives for HR, Benefits and IT sourcing strategies.  Garrett serves provides expertise in detailed financial and pricing analysis, contracting and Mark-to-Market (“M2M”) and is responsible for the review and normalization of all HRO pricing, contract and SLA data housed within ISG’s proprietary M2M database.