Irrational Digital Exuberance


Exuberance drives markets. It’s an essential element of innovation and change. It’s what fosters creative risk-taking. But – and there’s always a “but” – it often goes too far. Bandwagons roll too fast, too many people try to jump on them and the inevitable crash happens.

Is this what is happening today in the world of digital business? Is it possible that there’s too much exuberance around digital right now? Does today's digital optimism need a reality check and some sober examination?

These are important questions. That’s why we’ve brought together five of our most experienced people to examine the idea of “irrational digital exuberance.” This paper is the second in a series of ISG focus papers, capturing the views of some of ISG’s most experienced advisors. The first was the Balance of Power: Mastering Power Relationships in a Multi-supplier Ecosystem.  

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