ISG Provider Lens™ Study - Software Defined Networking and Services 2019 (Overview)

Regions: Global, Germany, USA

Existing managed LAN and WAN services, MPLS, etc still today form the backbone of revenues generated and the majority of customer deployments throughout many Telco and Service Providers World-Wide. This however is rapidly changing. The software-defined network (SDN) and software defined WAN (SD-WAN) are evolving and rapidly increasing market presence, as are several other Network Services which are related, such as Performance assurance (management), managed networks and devices, (MND), Mobility (4G/5G) triggers and influences, etc. There is a major trend within enterprises, focusing upon improving integration, automation, orchestration and management of network resources and processes to allow seamless expansion and addition of applications and network resources to meet business and user goals in a more efficient and secure manner than previously possible and without silos or vendor dependence. These items, together with cloud networks, are resulting in the biggest change to networks and their operations in the last 30 years, with some Telcos/Service Providers, such as AT&T announcing plans in place to have 75% or more of their networks SDN compliant and functional by 2022.

In this independent study, following the format of our Internationally Successful Provider Lens series, ISG sets out to deliver a comprehensive but defensible research program, with clear and extensive evaluation criteria, covering all major Telco and service providers of relevance within USA, Germany and Global regions.


The research phase is between January - May 2018 during which survey, evaluation, analysis, validation will take place. Selected results will be presented to the media in July 2018.

We will roll out the survey on an online platform called Qualtrics. The invites will be sent with links to fill in the responses and submit.

Milestones Beginning End
Launch January, 2018
Survey (questionnaire) January 17, 2018 February 21, 2018
Sneak previews May 17, 2018
Content provisioning July, 2018
Press release July, 2018