ISG Provider Lens™ Study – Digital Business Transformation 2019 (Overview)

Region: Global, Pan America, USA, Germany, UK, Brazil and Australia.

The digital transformation mega trend is a top priority on corporate agendas. The delivery of digital transformational solutions coupled with corporate agility is fully supported by advisors and researchers concentrating upon future-oriented business models. The focus is on enabling businesses to efficiently address individual customer expectations and requirements, rapidly, with the minimum of enterprise unplanned cost, effort or disruption, thus increasing the corporation’s competitiveness. This requires companies to move to a digital transformational technology and process level as soon as possible and then strive for continuous change – both internally and externally.

This study has therefore analyzed several solutions and services that help companies ensure integrated interaction with their customers (Customer Journey), support the lines of business in both a pre-planned and ad-hoc manner to help them master their daily challenges and relieve IT departments from infrastructure operations tasks, (Digital Enterprise Operations, PaaS, XaaS solutions). This happens in cooperation with the service providers, creating new content as required by the business and customers (Digital content creation and customization), while capturing customer feedback and usage patterns and streamlining social media and other such channels, to ensure continuous improvement to the overall services offered in an agile and flexible manner, which customers use and self-promote, (Continuous Delivery).

Within this ISG Provider Lens (IPL) study on digital transformation we have projected the core disciplines of users’ digital transformation initiatives onto the provider landscape to analyse and evaluate all providers that are relevant within the specific region or geographical areas: global, Pan America, USA, Germany, UK, Brazil and Australia.


The research phase is between June and September 2018 during which survey, evaluation, analysis and validation will take place. Selected results will be presented to the media in November 2018.

We will roll out the survey on an online platform called Qualtrics. The invites will be sent with links to fill in the responses and submit.

Milestones Beginning End
Launch May 2018
Survey (questionnaire) July 5, 2018 August 9, 2018
Sneak previews October 8, 2018
Content provisioning November 22, 2018 
Press release November 29, 2018