ISG Provider Lens™ Study – Next-gen Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) Services 2019 (Overview)

Region: Global, Pan America, USA, Germany, UK, Pan Europe, Brazil and Australia.

In just a few short years, application outsourcing has evolved from traditional development practices into highly disruptive, agile-based operating models, making core development a direct competitive advantage for many enterprises. Of course, not all application outsourcing is the same, because not all buyers and users have the same needs. Typical Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) services include application consulting, designing, custom development, packaged software integration, operations, quality assurance and testing. Of late, ISG has started witnessing a new breed of contracts where clients are looking to leverage software capabilities to solve business problems, gain competitive advantage, and increase speed-to-market. Service providers are augmenting their traditional ADM base with emerging technologies and collaborative frameworks to meet their client’s objectives. ISG terms such contract types as Next-gen ADM contracts. This study tries to understand the client objectives and assesses provider capabilities to deliver on Next-gen ADM contracts.

In this independent study, following the format of our Internationally Successful Provider Lens series, ISG sets out to deliver a comprehensive but defensible research program, with clear and extensive evaluation criteria, covering all major Next-gen Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) Services providers of relevance within global, Pan America, USA, Germany, UK, Pan Europe, Brazil and Australia.


The research phase is between March and June 2018 during which survey, evaluation, analysis and validation will take place. Selected results will be presented to the media in August 2018.

We will roll out the survey on an online platform called Qualtrics. The invites will be sent with links to fill in the responses and submit.

Milestones Beginning End
Launch February, 2018
Survey (questionnaire) March 1, 2018 April 5, 2018
Sneak previews July 2, 2018
Content provisioning August 17, 2018
Press release August 23, 2018