ITIL Benefits: Where’s the Beef?

Many organizations that have invested significant resources into ITIL-based process improvement struggle to quantify the benefits of the changes they’ve implemented. While their assessments indicate that they have indeed raised their level of process maturity, quantitative measures of the impact of that maturity in terms of cost savings or value to the business remain elusive.

ISG analyses suggest that ITIL initiatives often fail to meet expectations largely because of the way they are designed and implemented, and how their impact is measured. An effective approach to ITIL is characterized by a manageable yet scalable implementation, a focus on people and skills issues, and ongoing measurement that takes a comprehensive view of the enterprise-wide impact of process maturity.

This ISG white paper, coauthored by my colleague Chris Pfauser, examines common problems as well as leading practices and success factors related to implementing ITIL initiatives and gauging the benefits of process maturity.