Old Dogs Learn New Tricks


Businesses today seek transformational change through a range of innovative and disruptive technologies, including robotics, artificial intelligence, Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) and converged infrastructure.

As technology choices become increasingly complex, approaches to contracting, benchmarking and vendor management must similarly evolve to remain relevant to new conditions. This evolution, meanwhile, is redefining how enterprises address traditional outsourcing considerations such as build vs. buy, where to locate operations, how to manage transitions and how to deal with cultural change.

This ISG white paper examines some key emerging technology strategies and their potential applications and benefits, outlines how outsourcing management capabilities have adapted to respond to these innovations and describes how today’s dynamic outsourcing landscape is impacting executive priorities and operational decisions.

About the Author

Michael Fausti has more than 30 years of experience in software and IT consulting, program management and leadership across a variety of industries. He has worked with clients in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, facilitating the planning, implementation and management of multi-billion dollar programs.