On-Premises, Consumption-Based Private Cloud Creates Opportunity for Enterprise Out-Tasking Buyers


Given the explosion of data within enterprises, the data storage industry is responding with a bevy of new products and services to meet exponential demand. In most cases, these offerings fit into two deployment models: Shared storage that resides within the provider’s data center, or dedicated hardware that resides within the customer’s data center.

Although shared offerings provide customers with many of the benefits of a public cloud model - especially consumption-based pricing and high levels of elasticity - significant concerns remain around security, privacy, compliance and control. The dedicated model helps to reduce concerns about security and control, but commercially, these tend to look very similar to traditional IT solutions, with high levels of capital investment coupled with long transition and transformation timelines.

Given the pace at which business data is growing, many customers cannot wait for public cloud security and control issues to be addressed; at the same time, these customers are being pressured to reduce capital expenditures and move more quickly.

This ISG white paper examines how innovative storage vendors are bringing to market new “out-tasking” deployment models that blend the best of both shared and dedicated models: on-premises, consumption-based (OPCB) services.