Pipeline Development


A healthy pipeline is critical to success, but it doesn’t happen on its own. It requires a solid market reputation, a system for identifying opportunities and trust from the advisor community. 


Business Issue
  • How well does the ISG advisor community know our solutions?
  • How can we connect to more enterprise clients?
  • How do we get more engagement invites?
  • Which contracts are up for renewal?
  • How do we decide which accounts to target?
ISG Solutions
  • ISG Awareness Framework helps a provider or carrier understand how well the ISG advisor community understands its solutions across geographies and service lines.
  • ISG Perception Research allows providers and carriers to develop an action plan addressing areas of perceived weakness and leverage perceived strengths.
  • Customized Advisor Education and Engagement Programs are an effective tool to educate all appropriate advisors – including those that are delivery-oriented – about your solutions. 
  • The ISG Contract KnowledgeBase® includes 76,000+ outsourcing contracts and provides actionable contract- and account-level insights for identifying sales opportunities.

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