Preparing for the Benefits of Automation


The benefits of robotics process automation (RPA) aren’t centered solely around costs, as many of us might have expected. Some companies are finding significant improvement in accuracy and security as they configure software bots to record transactions, manipulate data and communicate between systems. Others are even surprised by the benefits they see – like what happens when they free up humans from tedious tasks so they can focus on more creative work. Indeed, what may start out as a strategy to simply reduce costs can turn into an opportunity to increase market share.

But these wide-ranging benefits are not automatic. They are most likely to show up in organizations that have adequately prepared. Taking full advantage of RPA requires first answering some important questions. What is your organization’s aptitude for change? Is it ready for organizational redesign? Where in certain business processes can automation make the biggest difference? How can IT put this new technology to its highest use?

I recently published an article Five Questions to Ask When Considering Robotic Process Automation in Information Management. Read the full article or contact me directly to discuss further.