Pursuit Effectiveness


The difference between winning and losing a competitive pursuit can come down to a slim margin. Consistent performance analysis and persistent attention to detail of the needs of the prospect and your unique and relevant position relative to your competition can provide the differentiation needed to win.


Business Issue
  • How do we increase our win rate?
  • How do we perform better in competitive deals?
  • How do we price to win?
  • How do we effectively differentiate, avoid competitive blind spots, communicate our value and stand out in a crowded market?
ISG Solutions
  • Pursuit Optimization and Differentiation Workshops are organized and facilitated by experienced senior staff to teach provider teams best practices and differentiation imperatives. 
  • Win / Loss Research provides a detailed analysis of the critical factors driving the outcome of recent pursuits, including feedback from the bid team and the client.
  • ISG ProBenchmark™ is the only patented SaaS benchmark tool in the industry that can deliver accurate market-price intelligence for provider or carrier IT and business service needs.
  • Carrier benchmark & market pricing workshops provide real data market captured in contract negotiations from the marketplace. 
  • Methodology training / orals coaching helps providers and carriers better prepare for pursuits, improve their effectiveness in responding to clients throughout the sourcing process, reduce pursuit costs and shorten transaction cycles.
  • ISG Advisor Site Visits are a unique and powerful opportunity to connect with clients, build relationships and establish competitive differentiation.

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