Reinventing the Business with Cognitive Digital Labor


Digital labor is reinventing business – from the back end to the front end – and, in so doing, it is redefining the way businesses practice, use and leverage IT for the 21st century. The new cognitive digital labor:

  • Replaces and augments repetitive lower-skilled labor using digital labor
  • Continuously improves when learning from subject-matter experts
  • Is the foundation for reinventing business IT
  • Is the competitive market advantage of 21st century digital business.

Early adopters are charting new ground with cognitive digital labor. By using human-like virtual digital agents that can learn from people, make intelligent assessments about what comes next, and turn to subject matter experts for guidance, cognitive digital labor never stops learning or improving. But knowing what constitutes best practices and best processes when it comes to cognitive digital labor will be as important – perhaps even more important – than understanding the intricacies operating inside the black boxes that power it.

This ISG Insights research report – sponsored by IPsoft – explores the opportunities for leaders today who are willing to explore how cognitive digital labor can redefine business processes and create competitive advantage. 

About the author

Jim provides clients with research-based insight into the future of business IT for strategic and tactical growth and profit with special focuses on areas that are disrupting the uses and value of IT. Jim brings decades of experience running and managing lines of business in different industries. His ongoing research into digital security, compliance and privacy provides solid guidance about this critical component of digital business. Jim’s research into business intelligence, data mining, data science, analytics and machine learning delivers pragmatic guidance for decision-makers about the strategic and operational imperatives of being a data-driven enterprise. His research into Blockchain focuses on distributed ledgers and their business applications for most industries and markets.