The ADM Transition Challenge: Ensuring Adequate and Timely Production Access

Providing production access to offshore resources is the single largest challenge that customers and suppliers encounter when transitioning Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) operations. 

While essential to a successful ADM transition, the requirements around production access are often overlooked and poorly managed during the transition process from both a client and service provider perspective. Specifically, identifying the necessary information at an IP and resource level, navigating security requirements and then effectively testing access is a time-consuming and complex process. Too often, neither party is adequately prepared. The inevitable result: supplier capability is compromised, and clients are dissatisfied with the ADM initiative as well as with overall supplier performance.

Addressing the production access challenge requires adequate planning and evaluation of alternative solutions, a thorough understanding of production access requirements and clearly defined client and service provider roles and responsibilities.

This ISG white paper presents findings based on surveys and discussions conducted by the ISG Transition Council. Comprised of over 50 transition experts representing ISG customers and leading suppliers, the Council is designed to stimulate dialogue and define best practices around the issues and challenges experienced during the period of service transition.