The @Home Model: Why the Contact Center “@ Home Model” Has Finally Found a Home

Market leaders in the contact center segment have changed the way they do business over the past few years. The agent @Home model, which is the industry term for the call center agent work-from-home approach, has evolved from what was just an experiment a few years ago to a dedicated services delivery alternative today. The @Home model is now a committed program and a permanent part of the services offering portfolio for most major players.

For years now, several smaller companies have been focusing exclusively on their @Home delivery models and have made great progress in optimizing (if not perfecting) this approach. As proof of this concept, these firms are winning business from the Tier 1 contact center firms in competitive situations such as those at American Express, Sprint and Citibank. This ISG white paper identifies the five significant factors that have contributed to the growing popularity and acceptance of this new services delivery model.