Thinking About Cognitive Automation: Won’t You Join Me On The Journey?


About the webinar:

When companies take the leap into “Automation World,” they typically arrive first in RPA Land, where they can easily configure the software to automate repeatable and mundane processes. Extending these automation initiatives to reap the benefits of cognitive technologies changes a purely back-office process efficiency play into a true digital-labor initiative. But first, you have to cross the Data Sea – where dark data is surely lurking – and you have to navigate some unchartered territory. What are the true capabilities out there and what is mere marketing hype? Where is money most prudently spent? How long will the journey toward efficiency and improved performance take? This session will explore how to prepare for the automation journey – how to set expectations and how to identify and overcome challenges. 

About the speaker:

Mark Davison, Partner - Robotics Process Automation

Mark is the global partner responsible for ISG’s Robotic Process Automation and Cognitive Services practice. He has accountability for all aspects of the business across all of ISG’s research and advisory services. Mark is an active speaker and thought leader at client and public events, such as The Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON) and International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, and is often published and quoted on RPA-related topics.