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Top 5: Tips for Successfully Transitioning ADM Operations Offshore

A well-planned, effective transition of Applications Development & Management (ADM) operations to an offshore managed service delivery model establishes a positive working relationship between outsourcing clients and their service provider(s). A bumpy transition only casts doubt and concern, introduces unnecessary risk and increases the likelihood of challenges that could have been avoided.

To help clients and service providers achieve more predictable success during the formative period of transition, TPI recommends establishing a transition framework  that utilizes clear quality gates (or “tolls”) with defined entry and exit criteria strategically aligned with the major transition activities of knowledge acquisition, knowledge transfer, stabilization and steady state.

These are the Top 5 actions you can take to ensure a successful transition offshore:

  1. Develop a detailed transition plan during the agreement phase of the engagement.
  2. For continuity, ensure that transition team members form the nucleus of the service delivery organization.
  3. Assess true behavioral risk within the ADM organization, anticipating reaction at every level of the IT and business organization, and closely monitor throughout the transition.
  4. Focus on application and process knowledge development versus the service provider’s individual resources.
  5. Have a realistic understanding of your current ADM execution model and anticipate internal challenges to instituting the new service delivery model.

Transitioning a current environment to a new service delivery model that leverages one or more service providers is a technical challenge combined with an organizational change agenda that touches an organization at a very deep and personal level.

Effective planning before transition initiation is critical. Formation of a detailed plan, honest assessment of plan achievement and the ability to take corrective action are keys to transition success.

TPI’s seasoned advisors can help guide your organization through the intricacies of successfully transitioning your ADM operations offshore. Contact Jim Hussey, Director, TPI, to learn more.