Top Four IT Planning Challenges Explored


Co-authored by Bryan Mueller.

As business demands for technology services and innovation often exceed enterprise IT resources – both fiscal and organizational — the pressures on IT planning processes have grown as well. More than ever, IT leaders need to use the planning process to reassure their CFOs, CEOs and business stakeholders that they are getting value for their money. In addition, they also must use the planning process to find ways to innovate business processes, accelerate revenue growth and even transform the enterprise. Many enterprise IT organizations are looking to the CFO of IT to help them create a data-driven framework for measuring, managing and communicating the budget, cost, consumption and value of IT.

At the annual TBM Conference hosted in San Diego, California in November 2016, more than 145 conference delegates took part in an interactive session exploring common financial planning challenges in IT as part of the Technology Business Management (TBM) Council’s CFO of IT Workgroup meeting. The session included small group discussions with subsequent presentations that focused on key IT financial planning challenges. Participants answered survey questions designed to identify the most significant IT planning challenges and shed light on how organizations prioritize solving them. Unsurprisingly, the top challenges were those related to business needs.

This white paper – Four IT Planning Challenges Explored TBM Council CFO of IT Workgroup Executive Brief (2016) – shares the key findings from the CFO of IT workgroup meetings and offers some corresponding recommendations. 

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About the authors

As a Director in ISG’s IT Sourcing Advisory Services team and leader of the ISG Financial Analysis Practice, Mr. Barnard brings over 19 years of experience in advisory and management roles. His strong analytical, communication and evaluation skills produce quick understandings of his clients’ needs and effective direction and recommendations. Korey is an experienced advisor in the construction and evaluation of complex global sourcing alternatives. Korey offers expertise in all aspects of sourcing evaluations ranging from front-end internal cost analysis, contract structuring and negotiation, service transition management and contract financial management. Korey has worked with several global and regional clients spanning across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America in many industries.

Bryan is a Director in the Banking and Financial Services Vertical and contributes to the ISG TBM (Technology Business Management) Practice. He provides critical business insight to help clients develop strategies and achieve business outcomes.