Incremental Improvement to Transformational Change: Using Benchmarks to Drive Operational Excellence

Benchmarking analyses of business operations can be applied to drive consistent gains within discrete service towers, to enhance the efficiency of enterprise-wide business processes, and to identify the potential for fundamental change that produces a new and significantly more effective operational standard. 

Businesses use benchmarking to gain factual insight and transparency into the current state of their operations, and to obtain a clear understanding of performance gaps and a quantifiable sense of the potential for improvement. That opportunity to improve can be incremental, in the sense of optimizing the existing operational model. Or, it can be transformational, by quantifying the potential of moving from a customized delivery model to a more standardized and rationalized way of doing things. In either case, benchmarking analyses are essential to creating the vision of the future state and to charting the path towards it.

This ISG white paper examines different ways that benchmark analyses can drive improvement initiatives in IT operational towers and business processes, and how they support change initiatives designed to create an optimal service platform.