Why I Joined ISG

Some who know me are shocked that I’ve joined an organization as conservative and established as ISG. I can see them furrow their virtual brow knowing my tendency to be politically incorrect. They worry that my fear of rules and process will do me in. I’m happy to report that there’s no need to worry (too much). Let’s look at why ISG is such a great fit for me:

  1. I am an outsourcing geek, and this is an outsourcing geek’s playground. Simply put, no other organization in the world has the depth, experience or intellectual property to solve companies’ most complex outsourcing problems. I am a kid in a candy store. I have never had so many resources available to me to tackle my clients’ toughest problems.
  2. Earning a living is nice, but doing it while you influence an entire industry is better. I believe our industry must evolve and the momentum is building for that to happen. There are few places from which to observe and truly have an impact. This is one of them.
  3. ISG embraces change. The folks who hired me took a bigger risk than I did, as I’ve been known to break some china here and there. Their tolerance and support is priceless and suggests you will begin to see exciting things from an established, experienced organization that is committed to trying new things.
  4. We share some fundamental values—about performance, ethics, transparency and client service. I feel that I will be supported here even if I do the unpopular (and sometimes even un-profitable) thing, if it is the right thing to do. Most importantly, I hear lots of people here asking the question “Why must things be the way they were? Why can’t it be different?” When a critical mass in an organization gets to this point, things are going to get exciting.
  5. Brand: Not all of my past clients know ISG, but they all knew TPI and Compass. Starting new conversations with existing contacts has never been easier. There’s really no need for an introduction.

No professional transition is ever without its hiccups, and I expect to have some here, too. I have a lot to learn about the organization and how to best deploy our capabilities for our clients. I’ll be writing in this space as much as my client work allows, and I hope our readers will become part of the community of buyers, sellers, advisors, influencers, bloggers and researchers that we are building at ISG.