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You need the best service offering from the most capable service provider at a competitive price. From support for sourcing strategy to preparing for a merger or acquisition, ISG’s Sourcing Solutions help enterprises implement their chosen sourcing strategy with a structured and systematic approach. Doing it with ISG means gaining competitive advantage with innovation, differentiation and commodity IT capabilities.


  • ISG Blockchain Now™ – enterprises want to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology, but they need to solve actual business problems, and they need actionable business cases that prove blockchain can provide real returns. ISG helps enterprises leverage blockchain to their advantage. We understand the technology, but more importantly we understand how the technology can drive value for your enterprise.
  • ISG FutureSource™ – a unique and comprehensive sourcing solution that helps enterprises and public sector organizations evaluate their business requirements, identify desired outcomes, fast-track the provider identification and selection process, collaborate with providers on developing the right solution, get to a signed contract and transition operations faster than ever before.
  • Financial Analysis – support your sourcing transactions with an expert read on the numbers to optimize value and mitigate risk
  • Qualitative Assessment - ISG uses judgment studies to assess the maturity of your existing IT environment and the perception of satisfaction and readiness to implement change in your organization.
  • Renegotiations – solidify a strategy, build consensus around the sourcing objectives and assess the scope and organizational readiness for renegotiating. Let us help you discern if the original business case for sourcing still applies or create a new business case based on today’s needs and environment.
  • Transition & Transformation – address the challenges of a services transition to a new service provider and build a positive foundation for partnership.

Watch ISG’s Barry Matthews discuss sourcing in the digital era.

Watch ISG’s Barry Matthews discuss next-gen sourcing.

Watch ISG’s Barry Matthews discuss sourcing in the intelligent enterprise.

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The RFP Will Never Be the Same: Emerging Approaches to Innovative Sourcing

Clients today clamor for “innovation” from their service providers, yet frequently complain that they don’t get the fresh ideas and new approaches needed to drive ambitious transformative business agendas.

One fundamental obstacle to innovation may be what clients are asking for and the manner in which they ask for it. Specifically, the highly prescriptive nature of the traditional Request for Proposal is by definition anathema to true innovation and ill-suited to address the complex requirements faced by many clients today. Increasingly, ISG sees clients turning to a more open-ended and flexible approach that gives sourcing organizations leeway to focus on the what of the desired end state, rather than on the how of service delivery.

This ISG white paper examines traditional approaches to outsourcing negotiation and their limitations in the context of current business challenges, as well as emerging solution-based strategies characterized by general objectives rather than specific requirements. A case study of an ongoing client engagement is included to illustrate key success factors in implementing such strategies.

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