Enabling a Major Biotech Firm’s Workers for Big Sourcing Changes

ISG prepares a large biopharmaceutical firm for consolidation of its IT functions  to one managed-service provider, readying its workers for significant sourcing impacts.



A leading global biopharmaceutical company with more than 25,000 employees needed to move from multiple IT managed service providers (MSPs) to a single one. It aimed to boost efficiency, enhance digital capabilities, adapt to changing marketplace demands, improve the IT customer experience and combine separate IT functions into one integrated global team. For this crucial sourcing engagement, the firm needed pre-transition assistance to prepare its people for changes in roles, tools and processes and be ready on Day 1 of transition initiation with the new provider.

A team of organizational change management (OCM) experts from ISG was brought in early to work closely with the company’s sourcing advisory team through the request for proposal (RFP), provider selection and new-partnership announcement. We heavily focused on the people aspect of the sourcing change, rather than just technical outcomes. We aimed to bridge the gap between confidentiality and transition-start readiness with the biotech firm and its new provider to meet an aggressive timeline and changes across many stakeholder groups.

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

ISG employed a comprehensive approach to make sure employees were prepared. We created a “People Team” of the biotech firm’s leaders, HR and communications representatives, trainers, project management and others responsible for OCM and organizational design. The team had a charter and detailed roles with a focus around the “4 R’s” of retaining, rebadging, releasing and redeploying employees. The team also worked with the incoming provider to create a holistic roadmap avoiding duplication of efforts and emphasizing working together on the various stakeholder groups’ needs.

ISG delivered OCM activities centered on leadership alignment for the move to a single MSP, executive coaching, collection of change impacts to prepare personnel, and training advisory and course development, all aimed at helping the company and its provider work together as one team. Also, ISG designed an integrated communications plan and materials to reach targeted audiences from before contract signing through transition of services to the new MSP, empowering the company for success.

Future Made Possible

  • The company was able to identify changes across roles, processes, data, tools and behaviors for each affected stakeholder group before the transition and develop targeted activities to help each group with awareness, education and adoption.
  • It received a solid learning strategy and new training resources to work successfully with its single, new provider.
  • Targeted, new communications channels for IT leaders and employees were launched and delivered biweekly to promote awareness, alignment and engagement in transition activities.
  • A regular forum of representatives from different areas of the company was created to focus on alignment around people impacts and help coordinate timelines and decisions.
  • The company and its employees were prepared for a strong start of the provider transition, with tools and resources to execute OCM activities integrated with the overall transition project plan.