Refining a Travel Giant’s TBM Model and Processes

ISG engages with a major international travel company to refine its technology business management (TBM) model and processes, improve its IT service-catalog design, develop a five-year roadmap and create an organizational change management (OCM) strategy.


A multibillion-dollar transportation-services company had already implemented a pilot program with Apptio Cost Transparency, a popular TBM Software-as-a Service (SaaS) solution for IT budgeting, chargebacks and efficiency. Then, before rolling out to its broader IT organization, the company needed to clearly define what it was trying to accomplish with the rollout, when it should target deployment of various phases, who would be affected and how they would be impacted. Leaders wanted to make appropriate plans to ensure those stakeholders had adequate communications, were well-trained and were ready to adopt to the new tools and processes. They believed the primary deployment challenges would be their Apptio TBM-software configuration and the structure of the IT service catalog.

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

ISG worked with sponsors to define the program’s vision, mission and goals. We then identified and prioritized supporting use cases and core IT service-management processes, and developed a five-year strategy and roadmap. ISG worked with the company to understand the drivers for its current Apptio and service-catalog design, and then prioritized and recommended best-practice-driven changes to support both current and future needs. We also worked with key IT leaders to understand their impressions of the Cost Transparency effort to date and to assess how they and their teams would be impacted by future changes. Finally, ISG delivered organizational change management, including communications and training assessments and recommendations.

Future Made Possible

  • The company received identification and explanation of the true constraints on the Apptio model and service catalog, as well as help in prioritizing remediation efforts.
  • It gained an understanding that the lack of leadership alignment was its biggest risk on this particular project, not technical issues.
  • The company reengaged with ISG to address those alignment issues in cost transparency, in addition to other key IT initiatives.
  • With company guidance, ISG developed a five-year roadmap showing the staging of key functional and stakeholder deployments, and helping the company understand the people, process and technology deployment efforts.