Sourcing a Partner to Enable a Global Cloud-First Strategy

ISG supported a beverage company with a market review, the design of a cloud-first strategy and the build of a “right” contract with its chosen partner to support next-generation infrastructure.


A beverage company with multiple subsidiaries needed to standardize IT Infrastructure strategies and take advantage of economies of scale to drive the business case for moving to a new operating model. It wanted to design a cloud strategy that could be applied globally to ensure optimal total cost of ownership (TCO) without any negative impact on its service levels.

It engaged ISG to review and refine its sourcing progress with a refreshed understanding of the cloud approach suggested by its IT provider. Using the renewed strategy, it asked ISG to help it and the provider assess its application portfolio and build a business case for a move to the cloud. It also looked to ISG to create a contract with the provider, incorporating right pricing models, effective service-levels and efficient governance mechanisms. 

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

ISG conducted a current-state comparison of the company’s sourcing footprint and potential vendor leverage against market trends. Our approach included a best-fit value model for “right-sized” service delivery. We changed the approach of cloud adoption from “critical app in private” to “public cloud first,” following its preferred strategy. We also facilitated large, provider-driven planning exercises in various geographies, including Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

The outcome of this exercise was to ensure a detailed business case and plan for migration to public or private cloud without surprises. ISG applied its experience with SaaS and IaaS-based solutioning and cloud sourcing best practices to determine the deployment models for future scenarios. 


Future Made Possible

  • The company gained a clear understanding about how it could leverage cloud technologies safely to solve for variable cost, agility and flexibility to meet business demands and validated the provider’s approach for the cloud strategy.
  • It moved under one roof through the initiative, including the required governance structures and end-to-end processes.
  • The company also built future options based on ISG expertise surrounding the cloud market and evaluated “right fit” solutions based on ISG’s support for final decision-making.
  • It achieved an effective and efficient contract with its chosen provider.