Thinking about Cognitive: The Automation Journey Continues

Traditionally, when enterprises set out to improve efficiency, they embarked on a process of re-engineering. Today, that ship has sailed. Instead, when companies want to optimize their back-office operations or IT performance, they head for “Automation World.” Though there may be more unknowns than knowns, it’s an exciting journey with more and more travelers every day.

For most, the journey begins with robotic process automation (RPA) – software robots that automate repeatable and rules-based tasks previously performed by humans. It makes sense to start here, where an organization can test and deploy technologies to automate mature business processes and analyze structured data. The barrier to entry for these emerging technologies is relatively low, the business cases are easy to prove and the return on investment can be extraordinary.

Beyond RPA Land, the automation technology landscape is much like the Wild West. As many as 1,600 start-up companies claim to be setting up shop by offering artificial intelligence (AI), each one marketing a different set of solutions. It’s no wonder the most common next step for an enterprise buyer is to do nothing.

Still, the question for many companies is not should we travel to Automation World, but rather, once we do, where do we go from there? To be sure, the journey is not linear. Potential buyers face a confusing landscape with no map and few guides. What are the true capabilities out there and what is mere marketing hype? Where is money most prudently spent? How long will the journey toward efficiency and improved performance take? This ISG white paper explores how to prepare for the automation journey – how to set expectations and how to identify and overcome challenges.

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Thinking about Cognitive: The Automation Journey Continues

About the author

Thomas C. Helfrich is an RPA and Cognitive Automation expert. He has a passion for discovering and applying emerging technologies to transform global companies through automation.  He is a recognized leader in the industry and a member of the IEEE Standards Committee for Automation and Co-Chair/Founder of the RPA Global IAOP Chapter.  His role at ISG is to build and deliver the Cognitive Services practice.