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Robotic process & cognitive automation technologies are reshaping the way businesses work. ISG Automation helps you imagine, accelerate and transform the way you work.

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ISG is accelerating the growth of its ISG Automation business with the acquisition of Neuralify, which offers a unique and scalable digital enablement platform to facilitate faster RPA adoption across the enterprise.
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Intelligent Automation

Transform The Way You Work

Robotic process and cognitive automation technologies are enabling automated 24/7/365 execution of business processes to increase throughput, improve accuracy, drive efficiency and improve risk posture. When intelligent automation is deployed correctly and scaled effectively, it also increases employee job satisfaction and reduces costs. Where is the automation opportunity in your enterprise? Realizing the value of your investment requires a clear vision and a proven roadmap.

ISG Automation guides clients through the hurdles of adoption, ensuring the optimal future state with best-fit technologies. ISG Automation tailors programs to specific business needs and helps build governance that works inside the culture of your enterprise.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA uses the GUI interface of your system to automate high-volume, structured and repetitive processes; can be deployed in attended or unattended mode.


RPA can be used throughout the business to automate rules-based processes. Cognitive and artificial intelligence technologies can be layered in with RPA to take an organization’s transformation even further.

Example Technologies
Image Recognition

Image recognition technology can identify and detect an object or a feature in a digital image or video.


Image recognition technology can be applied to any process with a scanned image. It often is used in finance and other areas.

Example Technologies
Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP is the application of computational techniques to the analysis and synthesis of natural language and speech.


NLP can understand the requester’s intent in an email or service request in your CRM; it turns unstructured text into structured data so RPA can understand and automate the next step

Example Technologies
Cognitive Reasoning

Cognitive reasoning can make complex decisions based on previous knowledge absorption and provide rationale for the decision.


Used more commonly in Legal or FS organizations at present. Utilizing knowledge of a process to make a more complex decision, as well as showing why that decision was made.

Example Technologies
Conversational AI

Conversational AI is the evolution of NLP that powers the virtual agent; it can hold well-structured conversations.


Conversational AI is used throughout the business as a cornerstone technology to automate process either on its own, or with complementary technologies.

Example Technologies


Deliver Boardroom
Priorities at Scale

ISG Research finds that most companies that have deployed automation recoup their investment in the first two years. The benefits of automation are clear and quantifiable – increasing accuracy, boosting productivity and giving hours back to the business.

But taking automation to the next level can be challenging.

More than two-thirds of companies that have deployed automation don’t yet have an automation center of excellence – the single most important indicator of success. Hitting a plateau in an automation initiative is rarely due to the technology. Rather it’s due to a lack of strategy and governance.

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Investment - Up to 535% in 1 year ROIRevenue Improvement - Reduction of 97% in Handling TimeRegulatory Compliance - 24/7 100% AccuracyOperations Efficiency - Between 30-7% Hours Saved

ISG Automation Can Help You Achieve Your Strategic Objectives

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