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blockchain_Xchange_GIFYour single source of information about the business of blockchain

Tap into the market’s only database and collaboration platform designed especially to support enterprise adoption of blockchain programs and technical solutions.

Blockchain solutions cut across industries and government functions to solve complex problems related to security, traceability and efficiency. But these solutions require a new way of working. Private and public sector organizations that traditionally have not worked together now must figure out how to collaborate. To facilitate this new form of “coopetition,” new consortia are forming around the world to explore the possibilities of blockchain technology. The number and focus of these consortia is changing rapidly. To make sound decisions, you need the latest information.

ISG Blockchain XChange™ is a one-stop shop for:

  • Data on more than 50 blockchain consortia
  • Visibility into blockchain service providers
  • Up-to-date library of industry-specific blockchain solutions and use cases
  • Market insight into developing client blockchain consortia

The rigorous ISG Provider Lens™ research process guarantees the platform is always up to date, so users have access to the latest developments in the blockchain market, including information about service providers that are currently developing and delivering blockchain projects.



Blockchain-XChange-Use-Case-UtilitiesBlockchain solutions for enterprise-level business problems

Access the largest blockchain use-case library in the market. Search by industry to find the latest trends and live use cases being implemented across industries. Discover the real impact of blockchain in industries. Then tap the power of ISG Blockchain Now™ to develop a comprehensive strategy around industry proven use cases.


Learn how blockchain can solve your business challenges.

ISG Blockchain Now™ guides enterprises along the blockchain journey – whether you’re just beginning or already up and running. We understand the technology, and, more importantly, we understand how the technology can drive value for your enterprise. You need to solve actual business problems, and you need actionable business cases that prove blockchain can provide real returns.


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ISG Blockchain Now™ Podcast Episode 6: Blockchain at the Heart of the Supply Chain

In the final episode of the 2020 ISG Blockchain Now podcast mini-series, hosts Alex Manders and Jason Stading recap the past five episodes, discussing together what it is that keeps them interested and motivated to continue sharing the real-world implications of blockchain technology with their listeners.

Much has been written about the financial applications of blockchain in particular, with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies taking a good deal of the airtime in debates around its use. However, Alex and Jason are more excited about the practical applications for people and businesses. From the episodes covering use cases in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, telecoms and network industries, it’s clear that supply chain is where blockchain is already making a difference for enterprises and consumers. In fact, blockchain’s potential role in the mass roll-out of COVID vaccines around the world in the coming months is huge. The technology makes it possible to monitor, track and intervene in the supply chain should certain vaccines need to be withdrawn or recalled for any reason – something that could have far-reaching influence over the speed and safety of roll-out plans around the world.

Looking forward to 2021, Alex and Jason will be back with a new mini-series of recordings that shine more light on the platform side of the technology and delve further into its role in transforming supply chain management. If you’re interested in how blockchain and platform technologies are transforming the world of business, listen in to hear more.


About the authors

Recognized as a Top-Ten Innovator at Information Services Group (ISG), Alex-Paul Manders leads ISG's global Blockchain solutions line and also serves on ISG’s global Digital Leadership Council. Alex-Paul is a prominent industry thought leader on blockchain with hands-on technology experience and is sought out as a subject-matter expert presenter for university and conference presentations. In addition, Alex-Paul writes prolifically on blockchain and other relevant topics and has represented ISG in more than 40 articles featured in leading publications. Contact Alex-Paul at

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As a Senior Consultant, Jason performs financial analysis, research and data analysis, data input and manipulation, validating and reviewing solutions. He utilizes the client and industry data to create comparative analysis and proposal templates. He works with clients to analyze and solve complex technology operations problems, preparation of base case analysis models, and the creation of assessments/strategy engagements.

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