Digital Backbone AND Digital Ecosystems

Optimizing the Power of the Ecosystem

A global automotive dealer with a significant investment in cloud computing needed compute power to get data to its different cloud platforms. One of its primary cloud providers, AWS, doesn’t deploy data from one place, it replicates data. So, if the company wanted to operate securely and sell vehicles in different countries, it needed to get data to and from the clouds it sourced from different regions. This means it needed different providers by region – a provider in Russia, for example, and another in the U.S. and a third in the U.K.


For this company, as for many others, it wasn’t possible to contract with a single provider despite the fact that it might have been simpler to have “one throat to choke.” 

An ecosystem of providers is an inevitable part of building and sustaining a digital backbone. How you maintain your ecosystem is a matter of how you want to wield your buying power (i.e., pay more to have fewer providers) how badly you need to seize opportunities in a dynamic market, how flexible you are in identifying and moving on innovatively packaged services, and how you decide to protect against risk. For the automotive dealer, the only answer was a collection of providers to deliver the solid network support its business needed. 

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