Enterprise Agility

To be competitive today, enterprises must use technology in ways that will generate the velocity they need to respond to a changing market. But not all business functions move at the same speed.

Enterprise agility allows an enterprise to respond at the right time to the right business functions. When enterprise agility serves as a fundamental principle of your operating model, you have what you need to seize opportunities as you transform into a digital business.


  • Align business functions and digital products and services to the customer’s journey
  • Define the velocity needs of the business and determine the right technology and delivery models to meet those needs
  • Determine your current adoption of Agile and DevOps practices, including the skills of team members, and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Assess your current business culture and establish an organizational change plan to address the cultural change needed for enterprise agility
  • Plan pilots, flagships and front runners to serve as springboards for enabling enterprise agility across your organization
  • Manage your environment and leverage capabilities across multiple delivery models so you can continuously improve
  • Ensure your sourcing and partnership model fosters innovation and responsiveness
  • Maintain control of your digital landscape with proven governance practices that optimize your investments
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