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Solving Cellular Access with Blockchain and an Agile approach

Dense residential and commercial complexes are famous for a lack of seamless mobile coverage and poor user experience. And traditional indoor cellular systems do not make an attractive business case for enterprise deployments at smaller venues. A mobile services company is addressing these in-building coverage and capacity challenges with an innovative solution that could compete well with other modern technology offerings.


The mobile services company operates private LTE networks that provide a secure, ultra-fast and reliable in-premises internet connection inside a business. With five-bar cellular service and high-performance data networks, companies can increase worker productivity, save time and improve business credibility. These services are used in multiple verticals, including commercial real estate, logistics, retail, entertainment venues, government, healthcare and education.

There are two considerable benefits that arise from this technology. First, it offers a 4G/LTE-grade mobility within a business premises. Second, subscribers from a mainstream mobile network operator can access this private 4G/LTE network for capacity and coverage extension.

The mobile services company reached out to a technology provider for help adopting distributed ledger technology to establish trust and facilitate monetization between private LTE networks and mainstream mobile operators.

Traditionally, the interconnection settlements between mobile network operators have been facilitated by a third party. With the rise of thousands of private LTE networks, a scalable and efficient solution is required.

Working with its provider, the client created a decentralized virtual trading platform for capacity and peer-to-peer settlement on a secured distributed ledger. It provides consumers hassle-free, setup-free connectivity and the power to configure workplaces in real-time. The mobile services company leverages the benefits of blockchain technology to build trust among stakeholders, create new value by providing end-to-end encrypted security and scale to include nodes-in-the-cloud infrastructure.

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