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Food and beverage company adds niche providers to menu

With its single-provider contract nearing an end, a global food and beverage firm finds new options to integrate the IT of a new acquisition.


Upon acquiring a new company, a leading food and beverage concern engaged ISG to help integrate the acquisition’s IT system with the client’s. The impending expiration of the client’s contract with a single provider made the time right for reviewing other options that could manage the client’s network and prepare for growth. 

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

ISG’s analysis revealed functions that were ripe for outsourcing and ways to bring new capabilities to market faster to become more competitive through divestitures and acquisitions. ISG’s comprehensive, decentralized solution ensured that the transition to a new system was gapless, that a strong governance was in place to manage multiple suppliers and that it had buy-in from the regions.

Future Made Possible

  • After a workshop to assess the incumbent provider’s capabilities, the client chose the incumbent to implement the new system architecture, a win-win.
  • The new architecture provides predictable, dependable service, along with enhanced security and communications quality.
  • By combining a network services integrator with local broadband suppliers, the client cut costs in half.
  • The decentralized solution offers greater flexibility to respond to new business, expanding into new geographies and scaling up or down with acquisitions and divestitures.