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Automotive Manufacturer and Distributor Gets a Tune Up

ISG turbo charges returning client’s network savings.


An automotive manufacturer engaged ISG when its existing AT&T Managed WAN services  contract was approaching term.  AT&T provided WAN connectivity for most of its 90+ global locations, except for Brazil, China and India, where regional carriers were used. While it preferred to remain with AT&T as its primary WAN provider, it was interested in looking at services consolidation, or, alternatively, at other carriers as a regional “best of breed” solution.  The primary objective was cost reduction, with reduced rates that would allow the company to upgrade bandwidth at several sites with no incremental overall network cost. It chose ISG because it had engaged us three years earlier for a similar exercise with positive results.

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

The company did not have the time required to run a full RFP process and felt it was not sufficiently experienced in negotiating a contract with AT&T to achieve market rates, given its objective to forego any network transitions to an alternate primary provider.

ISG was able to use its market knowledge to recommend the right carriers to include as part of the sourcing process, and leveraged those relationships and market presence to negotiate favorable rates to market.

Future Made Possible

  • The company ultimately chose to remain with AT&T as its primary provider, and retained two of its regional carriers (Reliance-India, ChinaTel-China), but selected Orange to supplant Embratel in Brazil.
  • Not only was this the most beneficial financial solution, but it also brought in another global Tier 1 provider to complement AT&T.
  • On like-for-like services, the company achieved 24 percent savings, and was able to save 14 percent overall after its desired bandwidth upgrades.