Higher Education and Academic Medical Centers: Planning for Change

American institutions of higher education and healthcare have long been at the forefront of the nation’s interest and political discourse. Because they address the specific needs of two important sectors of the country’s population—the millennials and their baby boomer parents—colleges, universities and academic medical centers are important stanchions of American life. Today, these institutions face radical changes in service delivery expectations, funding, competition from new entrants, credentialing and regulatory requirements. It is a difficult landscape to navigate, even for the most nimble of organizations.

New expectations, changing regulatory requirements and disruptive competitors are driving demands for significant investments in new technologies, new practices and new behaviors.

But colleges, universities and academic medical centers are considered among the most difficult of organizations to change. Still, adapting to the changing environment is critical to survival and to their ability to achieve preeminence.

By understanding the impact of today’s challenges on these institutions and by identifying initiatives that provide the necessary information to facilitate change, institutions can adapt to the evolving landscape with greater agility, better align their resources with institutional missions, goals and objectives, and prepare themselves for success even in the face of an uncertain future. Read this ISG white paper that explores the challenges these institutions face and suggests an approach to preparing for the future.

About the author

David leads Higher Education and Academic Medical Centers practice.  He has provided professional services to 200+ university systems, colleges, research universities and academic medical centers. He specializes in complex, enterprise-wide transformation projects that encompass strategic planning and implementation of leading practices often in conjunction with selection and implementation of enterprise systems.  He has led teams in evaluating university and AMC organizational structures, processes, and technologies, and identifying and implementing operational improvement, service enhancement, and cost reduction/containment initiatives, including shared services.  Prior to joining ISG, he was with KPMG, BearingPoint and PwC.

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