Bay Area Digital Executive Dinner Series 

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Farallon | 450 Post Street | San Francisco, CA 94102
Wednesday, May 1 at 6pm PT

ISG Partner, Prashant Kelker will present
Implementing & Tracking a Digital Operating Model

TOPIC:  Implementing & Managing New Digital Operating Models

WHY ATTEND:  This session will focus on understanding what others are doing to establish and govern digital operating models in the new world.  We will be speaking to the challenges they face, and how some companies have overcome these challenges – the key topics we will address are:

• How should the organization structure adapt/change to address new digital models, and how have the leading companies executed change management?

• How will the design and execution of technology transformation programs inform and build its required target business capabilities iteratively using an evolving provider ecosystem?

• How do you ensure a solid digital backbone and operating model is established and maintained to scale and ensure quality in your transformation programs?

• How do you harness emerging technologies and bring them to mass scale usage within your enterprise (automation, analytics, ML, cloud, blockchain, etc.)


  • 6pm PT Networking/Happy Hour:  45 minutes
  • 7pm PT Dinner:
  • Appetizer:  Implementing & Tracking a Digital Operating Mode
    Presented by Prashant Kelker, ISG Partner - Digital Strategy & Solutions
  • Dinner:  Open Q&A
  • Dessert:  Future Topics & Networking

This is a great opportunity to network and learn from peers. Feel free to bring a colleague!

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Taking it to the Next Level: Four Keys to Boosting Global Business Services Capabilities

The operational strategies of global enterprises are typically characterized by a mix of shared services, centers of excellence and outsourced delivery models designed to leverage economies of scale and scope, organizational and geographic consolidation and process standardization.

Today, businesses are increasingly seeking to move their approach to service delivery further up the maturity ladder. Towards that end, many are deploying a Global Business Services (GBS) model to integrate myriad operational strategies and regional initiatives into a cohesive and coordinated framework. Typically charged with overseeing multiple service centers and functions — including front-office operations such as call centers, back-office operations such as F&A and industry-specific middle-office operations — GBS organizations are designed to drive common practices, protocols and control measures, as well as leverage geographies to reduce costs and address language requirements.

GBS comprise a mix of service delivery models, from captive offshore delivery centers to domestic shared services centers to outsourced delivery. While providing some benefits, many GBS organizations today fail to fully utilize the range of available tools, capabilities and expertise. The result is a missed opportunity to drive significant gains in consistency and standardization, economies of scale and operational transparency, as well as mitigate financial and operational risk.

This ISG white paper, co-authored by my colleague Michael Fullwood, examines four ways GBS organizations can significantly enhance their capabilities, namely by:

  • Leveraging automation,
  • Developing a digital asset strategy,
  • Enhancing change management capabilities, and
  • Developing robust governance mechanisms.

About the author

Michael Fullwood areas of expertise involve a wide range of business process services, including sourcing assessment, RFP management, contract negotiations and transitions. He has guided major global businesses through multi-functional transformational and sourcing projects for G&A functions and service delivery. Michael has three-fold experience as an executive delivery buyer (as Director of FP&A for a global telecommunication firm); as a delivery seller (as a director with an outsourcing services provider); and most recently during the past eight years as a third-party advisor.