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ISG Acquires Experton Group, Experts on Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a term that knows no boundaries. There isn’t a process, a system or a relationship that can’t be made better, more efficient, more automated or more connected through the use of digital technology. Beyond creating this digital fabric for existing businesses, there is a whole world of opportunity for those who can leverage technology to create entirely new businesses or disrupt entire industries.

Many businesses have already begun their digital journey, but still have trouble seeing their ultimate destination. They need a digital Sherpa to guide them on the road to digital success, someone with deep experience and knowledge of the terrain that can help them avoid mistakes and reach the peak of performance.

This is why ISG is joining forces with Experton Group, a highly respected, subscription-based research, advisory and benchmarking firm based in Munich, Germany. Founded in 2005 by Juergen Brettel and Luis Praxmarer, Experton Group employs approximately 20 consultants and research advisors who primarily serve the top 1,000 enterprises in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, along with service providers and ICT vendors in the DACH region.

ISG has made a commitment to expand our research, advisory and analytical capabilities around all things digital, and Experton Group is the perfect complement to our growing Digital Advisory Services business. The acquisition builds on our current capabilities in market-leading data, research, analysis and independent advice.

Our growth as a firm is in direct response to the needs of our clients. The goal of ISG is to help enterprises better understand marketplace dynamics and make smarter IT and business decisions. Together with Experton Group, we are developing next-generation market intelligence services and Expertise-as-a-Service solutions that will include:

    1. Research Services that offer market data, market analysis and recommendations. We expect to integrate the offerings of ISG Insights™ and Experton Group over time, leveraging their combined capabilities to create value for our clients in the DACH market, and around the world.
    2. Advisory Services to build on our offerings for continuous research, advisor and analyst inquiries about the issues that matter most to you, including mobile, cloud, security, big data, social business, sourcing, industry 4.0, IoT and infrastructure.
    3. Vendor Benchmarking that includes evaluations of service providers and technology vendors based on best-in-class cost, price, process and value benchmarks.
    4. Events that will create networking and learning opportunities around the world, including Experton Group’s one-day conference in Germany for enterprises, service providers and technology vendors.

To compete effectively in a world continuously disrupted by new technologies and changing business models, enterprises need a guiding hand that is knowledgeable and experienced. They need to know the impact of accelerating technological change and how to transform themselves into the digital enterprises of tomorrow. At ISG, we are assembling a team that will help you do just that.

Contact us to discuss this exciting news and how ISG’s expanded services can help you.