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HR Market Pulse: Four Key Roles Emerging in Future HR

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Question: Which of the following roles do you expect to gain most importance in your HR organization of the future?

  1. Business strategist & planner
  2. Tech architect & EXP designer
  3. Culture/connections caretaker
  4. People analytics wizard

Discussion Highlights: The world of work has been majorly impacted by COVID-19 and HR has been in the firing line to react and lead the organizational response. Many of the disruptions are bound to have a permanent effect on the ways we work, including WFH, flexible workforces, cost containment and the need for timely data and agility. Find out what HR roles are emerging to address these changed dynamics and expectations as we move into the future.

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Deb Card

Julie Fernandez
HR, Business Operations

Stacey Cadigan
HR, Technology Adoption

Kelly Will
HR, Business Operations